Advanced Investment Solutions

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If you're determined to push for the best opportunities, then consider our advanced investment solutions. We can offer a comprehensive range of solutions from structured products to trading services, selected to enhance your unique portfolio.

Structured products

Easily adapted to meet specific objectives, structured products form part of our value-enhancing recommendations. For most, structured products offer the benefit of upside potential coupled with downside protection, with returns linked to underlying investments – all in a packaged and easily accessible form. If you have more sophisticated requirements, structured products can be used to exploit highly specialised opportunities that require in-depth technical or structuring expertise.

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Islamic solutions

EFG Bank has a long lasting tradition and experience in developing Sharia-compliant investment solutions and credit facilities. We offer both an advisory service and a discretionary mandate portfolio, available in different strategies, which integrate the principles of the Sharia and represent also an essential element of our socially responsible offering.

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