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Where you need more support, in anything from account management to reporting, we have the people and tools ready to enhance everything you’re already bringing to the table. To help you serve your clients more broadly and to work more holistically. Because together, we’re better.

Our custody services

Our custody services¹ are strongly rooted in our entrepreneurial approach to private banking and our conservative risk management. Agility and reliability are key elements in managing your assets for the long-term.

Account Management
  • Book-keeping
  • Multi-asset processing and settlement
  • Income collection
  • Corporate actions
  • Proxy voting & class actions
Asset Management
  • Money and security transfers
  • Direct access to trading room
  • Derivatives & OTC processing
  • Private Equity Funds
  • Securities lending
  • External fund processing
  • Collateral management services
  • Murabaha Deposits
Tax Services
  • Tax services including fiscal reporting
  • Tax reclaim services
  • Tax relief at source
  • Funds reporting
  • Performance analysis reports
  • Consolidation of accounts within the EFG Group
  • Maturity analysis reports

¹ Not all services are available in all locations

Our pricing models

We offer a high level of flexibility in finding the best possible pricing solution for Independent Asset Managers and your clients. Clients can choose between an ‘all-in’ fee (brokerage & administration charges) calculated on the average value of the portfolio (including securities, cash and fiduciary deposits) or a pricing model based on individual services/products. Independent Asset Managers and clients benefit from a reduction in EFG’s standard commissions and charges. Retrocession models and ‘0’ retrocession models are available with a further discount (special conditions) on the client commissions and charges.For MIFID II-compliant Independent Asset Managers, the bank applies the ‘0’ retrocession model.

eBanking Pro for Independent Asset Managers

Our eBanking Pro platform features a range of functions that give you swift and secure access to your accounts at any time. You can view your portfolios and accounts and analyse a wide range of information about your custody assets.

Main functionalities:

  • Secure access via ‘Token’
  • Asset overview
  • Portfolio valuation
  • Maturity analysis
  • Asset allocation
  • Security orders (single/global)
  • Position searches
  • Performance
  • PDF/EXCEL download
  • Daily reports
  • E-documents
  • XML file download
eBanking Pro for Independent Asset Managers

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