EFG Chat Guide

Communicate securely with advisors

Real-time confidential communications

Getting support, advice and guidance when you need most is now easier than ever with EFG Chat.

Introducing EFG Chat

We live in a society that demands an easy and immediate access to all sort of information. Which is why we’re pleased to offer you a new tool that permits real-time communication with your advisors. We want to provide you with a secure communication tool that allows you to speak to your advisors with the confidence that all your communications are secure. So, when you log out from EFG Chat, no residual information is kept on the device. Information is only available on our servers, where it’s encrypted to protect your privacy.

Using EFG Chat

EFG Chat is designed to enable you to have real-time communication with advisors. EFG Chat can be seen as a complement of the Secure Messaging application in the sense that all the communications carried on EFG Chat are considered official, as well as all the actions taken in the course of the conversations. EFG Chat includes a F.A.Q document with answers to common questions and it allows you to directly contact the support team for assistance. Main features of chat:

  1. EFG chat allows communicating to any contact available in the list of contacts. Only written communication is possible, no video or voice calls are available.
    a. One can send messages to any of the contacts available in the list of contacts; one cannot add or remove contacts from this list.
  2. One can always retrieve the history of the conversations by scrolling up on the chat to load older messages.
  3. EFG Chat allows forwarding a message to any contact in the list as well as to securely copy a message. We only allow copying messages inside EFG Chat application; one cannot copy a message from EFG Chat and paste it on an external application (i.e. mail application).
  4. In case the sending of a message has failed, EFG Chat will show an error and will allow the manual resending of the message. One can always see if the message has been read by the recipient.