Credit and Financing

Specialist advice and solutions for property and investment financing, both locally and globally

Investment Financing

A flexible financing solution

EFG offers a range of financing solutions according to your financial needs. Our specialists support you with the required credit analysis and structuring.

The main types of utilisation are: 

  • Overdrafts: Current account overdrafts are available to cover short-term financing needs, with a floating interest rate based on current market rates.
  • Fixed Term Loans: Loans are fixed for a period of 1-12 months, and possibly for longer tenors in some cases, with an interest rate based on current market rates and set for the specified period. These loans can be renewed on a rolling basis.
  • OTC and exchange-traded derivatives credit exposure
  • Bank guarantees

Property Financing

Specialist advice on property finance.

EFG is accompanying its domestic and international clients in their investments on real estate properties offering a range of financing solutions tailored to their specific needs.

We support our clients with a team of highly qualified and international professionals. Our experts work closely with your Client Relationship Officer to provide you with specialist financing advice that is tailored to your specific financial situation.

Our property financing services are offered on a selective basis in a number of markets and as an add-on to our private banking service.

Islamic Financing

EFG Bank has a long lasting tradition and experience in developing Sharia-compliant Investment Solutions and Credit Facilities.

The clients have then the possibility to lean upon a complete range of fixed term deposits and credit facilities, including the possibility to collateralize Murabaha transactions with UK properties (prime central London only). 

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