Banking services

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Putting you in control of your reporting

You can decide how often you want to be informed about the status of your banking relationship and select your preferred channel of communication. We can also provide you with different types of tax statements that are fully compliant with country-specific regulations.

Accounts and cards

EFG offers a comprehensive range of bank accounts including:

  • Current accounts for banking operations
  • Current accounts in foreign currencies
  • Our range of bank cards includes Maestro cards and several options for credit cards

Precious metals

If you wish to invest in precious metals, we give you the option of buying or selling physical metals or purchasing and selling them through a metals account.

Custody services

Look after what matters most with our valuation and custody services. EFG can hold your assets – from securities to documents, jewellery and works of art – in safekeeping.

Foreign exchange and treasury

Our services comprise foreign exchange (spot and forward), vanilla and exotic foreign exchange options, interest rate derivatives and yield enhancement strategies. We provide structured deposits with returns linked to currencies, interest rates or equity indices, including products tailored to individual client needs.

Trading Services

Our trading services give you access to all types of investment instruments across different markets, as well as to closed pools of liquidity. Based on our best execution policy, our experienced traders provide swift, first-class services across all asset classes and international markets and strive to maximise your returns.

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