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Stefan Gerlach

Stefan Gerlach

Stefan Gerlach is Chief Economist at EFG Bank in Zurich. He served as Deputy Governor of the Central Bank of Ireland in 2011-2015 and as such attended the meetings of the ECB’s Governing Council. 

Before that, he was Professor of Monetary Economics and Managing Director of the Institute for Monetary and Financial Stability at the Goethe University in Frankfurt. He was also External member of the Monetary Policy Committee of the Bank of Mauritius and Member of the Monetary Experts Panel of the European Parliament's Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs.

In 2005-2007 he was Secretary to the Committee on Global Financial System, which was chaired by Vice-Chairman Don Kohn of the Federal Reserve Board, at the BIS in Basel. In 2001-2004 he served as Executive Director and Chief Economist at the Hong Kong Monetary Authority and Director of the Hong Kong Institute for Monetary Research.

He spent his early career as an academic in the US before joining the BIS as an economist in 1992.