Our investment process

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Anticipating shifts in the economic cycle is crucial to investment strategy and asset allocation.

Our investment process

We closely monitor economic and policy developments in all the major developed and emerging economies in order to assess prospects for economic growth, inflation, interest rates, exchange rates, trade and capital flows, and sector balance sheets.

We examine the major themes driving the global economy and asset classes, including equities, bonds, commodities and currencies assets and how they fit into our overall global asset allocation strategy.

1. Look for direction in macro-economic cycles

We develop macro views across long, medium and short-term time horizons. Anticipating shifts in the economic cycle is crucial to our investment strategy and asset allocation.

2. Evaluate market movement

We look at behavioural biases, marginal investor movements and technical indicators in the market and identify inconsistencies between market consensus and our own views, based on proprietary research.  We then test our hypothesis using forecasting models and the expertise of our senior portfolio managers. We have daily, weekly and monthly reviews of economic factors and look at how they are affecting movement in the markets.

3. Set asset allocation

We construct our asset allocation recommendations through a combination of strategic, thematic and tactical views based on our understanding of macro economic factors and, of course, the needs of our clients.

4. Security selection

We select the type and the actual investment which exploits the investment idea most efficiently. Our security selection includes mutual and hedge funds, bonds, equities, structured products and other alternative investments.

5. Implementation and execution

Portfolio managers implement research and security selection recommendations which best meet the needs of their client mandates. As multi-asset specialists we are able to find suitable investments that might be overlooked if we were restricted to one asset class or style. The firm has a strong sell discipline based upon market movement and valuation so the due diligence and evaluation process is on-going.

6. Managing risk

As active managers, although we cannot know the future, we can make informed estimates about every portfolio. The many dimensions of risk we monitor carefully, from liquidity to all metrics of variance, factor exposure and security contribution, allow us to share a deep understanding across teams. Along with industry tools, we continually innovate and improve our in-house risk models to ensure our portfolios are optimally positioned.

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