The Future of Sustainability

Everyone has a different understanding of what the wide-reaching terms sustainability means – but what is commonly understood is that it encompasses three key pillars, namely economic viability, environmental protection and social equity.

How can industries, businesses, and individuals work together towards a more sustainable world without one pillar taking over the others? How can we tackle the global climate change challenge, and ensure a better future for the next generations?

Harnessing affection to drive change in farming

Nathan Furr, Innovation & Strategy Professor, INSEAD, highlights the importance of harnessing both the production and 'affection' cycles to inspire changes in attitudes towards sustainability in the farming and food industries.

Listen to our Chief Investment Officer, Moz Afzal and Jason Jay from MIT Sloane in conversation discussing the importance of and future for ESG in investing.

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ESG and Investing - what’s next?

Moz Afzal, CIO EFG is joined by Hortense Bioy, Global Director of Sustainability Research within Manager Research at Morningstar, and senior Portfolio Managers, Lila Fekih and Sam Glover, and Stefano Montobbio ,Global Head of ESG, EFG to discuss the world of ESG and investments.

Are we green yet? What Comes After Sustainability

Zoe Bayliss Wong, Expert, Sustainability discusses the future of sustainability in all its many guises.