Artificial intelligence

The Future of AI

‘Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been around in various forms since at least the 1950s, when computer pioneer Alan Turing coined the phrase “thinking machines”.

In today’s world however, it is more commonly associated with machine learning and robotics – which involve enabling computers to simulate human intelligence, analysing vast amounts of data making decisions based on the collective data and learned outcomes.

How can industries and businesses harness this pace of change and what does the future look like?

AI’s role in workforce automation.

The growing interest in AI has concerned the workforce with one key question – “Will AI computerise me out of a job?”. Chris Tucci, professor of digital strategy and innovation at Imperial Business School, shares his thoughts regarding the limits on automation in the workforce, and the extent, and timeline, by which AI may automate employee activities.

Artificial Intelligence has not been far from investors' thoughts since late 2022, when OpenAI's ChatGPT became widely available in its open test environment. CIO, Moz Afzal talks through some of the opportunities in the value chain of this burgeoning sector with Jonathan Rawicz, Senior Portfolio Manager at New Capital. From cloud services, GPUs and applications to consumer content creation, the technology has the promise to revolutionise the way business is done and how humans interact with each other, and with that comes potential investment opportunity.

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Exploring the Human Brain and AI with Neuroscientist Pascal Kaufman

Join us and listen to this podcast when Moz Afzal, CIO is joined by neuroscientist, Pascal Kaufmann. His academic prowess ranges from ancient Greek and Latin studies to his ground breaking exploration of the connection between brains and robots. Pascal's ventures StarMind and Mindfire are pushing the boundaries of artificial intelligence and crowdsourcing in an effort to understand the complexities of the human brain.
We discuss the ongoing race for AI dominance and how breakthroughs are not just about faster computers but innovative ideas and talent. Passion and a strong mission, Pascal believes, are the keys to staying ahead.

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Artificial Intelligence & Healthcare Disruption

Mike Clulow, Senior Portfolio Manager, New Capital & Dr Neal Bangerter, Expert, Healthcare Disruption discuss how artifical intelligence and healthcare technology are working together to make pioneering medical breakthroughs.