EFG Future Leaders Network

Sharing knowledge and identifying innovation

Introducing the EFG Future Leaders Network

The EFG Future Leaders Network is an independent thinktank comprising of a group of academic experts, specialists and entrepreneurs who work in conjunction with EFG to share key insights and thought leadership into the most pertinent and engaging topics pervading our world.


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We believe that insights and knowledge help drive well informed decisions. As such, the Future Leaders Network provides an independent layer of subject matter expertise that our investment teams can tap into.

  • A world full of innovation: Bringing future leaders and innovation to the forefront of our discussions.
  • A world of opportunity: With the pace of innovation, change and entrepreneurial spirit vastly accelerated, the bigger the potential opportunity but also the need to keep abreast of these changes.
  • A world of expertise: Our Network offers you access to leading experts focusing on the topics that are changing the way we live our lives, today, tomorrow and beyond.

Founders of EFG’s Future Leaders Network

The Future Leaders Network stems from a collaboration between EFG CIO, Moz Afzal and Nathan Furr, Full Professor of Strategy at INSEAD.

Nathan had been a part of the original Panel since its inception in 2018 and his work on innovation has led him to identify the value that an insight network can have through knowledge sharing and ultimately identifying true innovation.

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