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We’re exceptionally proud to be the committed headline sponsor of the EFG London Jazz Festival. For 15 years we’ve been powering this globally renowned exhibition of the best in the business, from our headline event, Jazz Voice to our EFG Elements series.

The EFG London Jazz Festival returns from 15 – 24 November 2024

For over 30 years now, the EFG London Jazz Festival has invited some of world’s most celebrated jazz artists and emerging jazz talent to perform across London’s famous concert halls and iconic clubs. In 2023, we marked the 15th anniversary of EFG’s partnership with the Festival, which returns to the capital from 15-24 November 2024. The full programme will be unveiled during the year and includes the EFG Elements Series, four shows we hand-pick in conjunction with the Festival Organisers, Serious, designed to showcase the richness and diversity of the Festival.

The EFG London Jazz Festival returns from 15 – 24 November 2024

“ The highlight of the capital’s jazz calendar ”

The Telegraph

Last Year's Highlights

Hitting all the right notes. Watch the highlights video from the last EFG London Jazz Festival.

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