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At EFG, we are there for you, whenever and wherever you need us. It’s why we operate in 40 locations worldwide, to make sure we’re never too far away. We take the time to truly understand your needs and we think ahead to ensure that the next steps we take always lead in the right direction – to your success. By giving our CROs the freedom to make smarter choices for each individual client’s needs, you’ll experience private banking that is uniquely built around you.

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Financial place

The Republic of Singapore (also called the "Lion City") is made up of the main island of Singapore and 60 other smaller islands with a total area of 253 square miles (655 square kilometers) and 5.6 million people. Founded in 1819 as a trading centre by Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles, Singapore won its independence in 1965 and has rapidly emerged as one of Asia's economic "tigers".

Over the years, Singapore has attracted a large and diversified group of reputable local and international financial institutions. The Lion City is host to more than 600 financial institutions which offer a wide range of financial products and services. These include Private Banking, Asset Management, Investment Banking as well as Trust Services.

Over the last one and a half decades, Singapore has also started to position itself as an international center for trust administration, which is regarded as an important complement to the wealth management industry. In 2005 the Trustee Act was revised and at the same time mandatory Licensing was introduced for all activities relating to trust business with the Monetary Authority of Singapore as regulator.

The trust industry has since grown at a fast rate and there are some 60 licensed trust companies today. This growth is also reflected in the fast growing number of professionals active in the trust field, with the local chapter of STEP (Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners) now being one of the most important ones outside the United Kingdom.

The Lion City offers geographical diversification within a highly professional, safe and stable environment. Customer confidentiality is assured by common law and by the Trustee Act while judicial independence allows a favourable tax environment offering selective tax exemptions without a tax haven.

Singapore is an important strategic choice for the EFG International and represents an alternative financial center for our private and institutional clients. As a leading global financial centre Singapore offers a strong regulatory environment, political stability and peace of mind when it comes to the safety of your investments. 

Key market features

Excellent financial rating

Singapore is the only AAA country in the region.

Financial centre of excellence

A stable, safe and connected financial centre of excellence, with highly experienced and specialist work force.

Excellent infrastructure

Excellent infrastructure, strongly focused on the development of the fintech sector.

Strong regulation

Excellent customer protection through strong regulation and a strong legal and judicial framework.

Tax efficient

Tax efficiencies for foreign investors and corporations, and favourable residence program such a the family office 13R and 13X tax incentive schemes.

Geographically attractive

Well placed geographically and in the centre of the fastest growing area in the world.