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EFG Bank (Luxembourg) S.A.

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EFG Bank (Luxembourg) S.A.

56, Grand-Rue P.O. Box 385 - 2013 Luxembourg

Our approach

At EFG, we are there for you, whenever and wherever you need us. It’s why we operate in 40 locations worldwide, to make sure we’re never too far away. We take the time to truly understand your needs and we think ahead to ensure that the next steps we take always lead in the right direction – to your success. By giving our CROs the freedom to make smarter choices for each individual client’s needs, you’ll experience private banking that is uniquely built around you.

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EFG Bank (Luxembourg) S.A. is part of the global family of EFG International.

To learn more, visit: www.efginternational.com.

EFG Bank (Luxembourg) S.A. offers a wide range of banking, investment and broader wealth management services in Luxembourg and abroad. It is focused on providing superior service in the areas of wealth and asset management with a long-term perspective. It also owns two branches: EFG Bank (Luxembourg) S.A. Greece Branch, based in Athens, and EFG Bank (Luxembourg) S.A. Portugal Branch, based in Lisbon and Porto.

EFG Bank (Luxembourg) S.A. and its branches are positioned as a provider of first-class financial services, including high quality private banking.

Financial place

The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg is a parliamentary representative democracy with a constitutional monarchy, ruled by a Grand Duke. Founding member of the European Union, it has a highly developed economy and is one of the world's most competitive financial centres. The country is an attractive place for international investment funds and private clients. 

To learn more about the attractiveness of the Grand-Duchy and its regulatory framework:

  • La Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier : CSSF
  • Commissariat aux Assurances: CAA
  • Commission Nationale pour la Protection des Données : CNPD
  • Fonds de Garantie des Dépôts Luxembourg : FGDL
  • Association des Banques et Banquiers, Luxembourg : ABBL
  • Association Luxembourgeoise des Fonds d’Investissement : ALFI
  • Association Luxembourgeoise des Compliance Officers : ALCO
  • Agency for the Development of the Financial Centre : LuxembourgForFinance

Key market features


The maturity of its savoir-faire, a strong banking history, the exceptional quality of its international and multi-lingual workforce, and the care with which banks comply with a robust legal and regulatory framework, give to Luxembourg the highest possible ranking of AAA.

A global outreach

Thanks to its openness to the world, Luxembourg has attracted some of the most prestigious financial institutions. A broad concentration of expertise and highly diversified resources which make of Luxembourg, the perfect partner in Europe for cross-border activities, commonly referred to as the European hub.

Innovative and diversified

With a long track record in responsible finance, the Grand Duchy is a pioneer player in shaping and promoting a sustainable future through high-quality activities and projects. An engaging approach which gives floor to a greener economy, wider inclusion, and long-term growth. The staple location for any organisation and private client interested in Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) investment opportunities.