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EFG Wealth Solutions (Jersey) Limited

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EFG Fund Administration Ltd

44 Esplanade St. Helier - JE1 3FG Jersey

EFG Private Bank Limited, Jersey Branch

44 Esplanade St. Helier - JE1 3FG Jersey

EFG Wealth Solutions (Jersey) Limited

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EFG Trust Company Ltd

44 Esplanade St. Helier - JE1 3FG Jersey

Our approach

At EFG, we are there for you, whenever and wherever you need us. It’s why we operate in 40 locations worldwide, to make sure we’re never too far away. We take the time to truly understand your needs and we think ahead to ensure that the next steps we take always lead in the right direction – to your success. By giving our CROs the freedom to make smarter choices for each individual client’s needs, you’ll experience private banking that is uniquely built around you.

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Financial place

Jersey is a British Crown dependency located in the Channel Islands and is a well-established financial services industry, acting as a leading and renowned International Finance Centre (“IFC”) for more than 60 years. 

The Jersey financial services industry is centred on four pillars: private wealth, funds, capital markets, and banking and the Jersey Financial Services Commission (“JFSC”) is the regulatory body that oversees the industry to ensure it operates to the required and expected standards. 

As an IFC, Jersey has a reputation for being well regulated, transparent, and compliant with international standards, and this, supported by its political and economic stability, tax neutrality and highly skilled workforce of trained professionals, make it an attractive location for international investors.

In the Channel Islands, our activities encompass banking and credit, investment management, offshore trust and company formation and management and fund services.

EFG Wealth Solutions is a specialist wealth structuring team at the heart of EFG’s private banking service. Our experienced professionals operate in various locations, including Jersey, Luxembourg, the Bahamas and Singapore. 

Our private client teams work closely with clients and their tax or legal professionals to craft bespoke solutions to protect assets and facilitate the efficient transfer of wealth between generations.

Our fund services teams provide administration, depositary, global custody and exchange listing services to a wide range of collective investment funds. Our aim is to deliver a high level of client service to both the fund and its investors, underpinned by technology and a pragmatic, proactive approach. 

Subsidiaries of EFG Wealth Solutions (Jersey) Limited include:

  • EFG Corporate Services Limited
  • EFG Secretaries Limited
  • EFG Trust Company Limited
  • EFG Nominees Limited
  • EFG Fund Administration Limited 

EFG Private Bank Limited, Jersey Branch is a branch of the UK registered and regulated, and London based, EFG Private Bank Limited, and aims to provide you with the best in international private banking and wealth management.

Key market features

Tax friendly environment

Tax efficiencies for foreign investors as well for corporations.

Protecting what matters most

Excellent customer protection through strong regulation.

Highly specialist workforce

A financial centre of excellence, with a long history of banking and highly experienced and specialist work force.