Wealth Planning

Structuring and protecting your wealth

Structuring and protecting your wealth

Rapidly evolving market conditions and trends, including ongoing regulatory developments, require long-term strategies and solutions. At EFG, we have a dedicated team of Wealth Planners, who can help you in this delicate and sensitive process.

Our Approach

EFG Wealth Planners work with you and your trusted advisors to understand your wealth and family structure, risk appetite and objectives, enabling you to define and implement appropriate solutions that meet your wealth planning goals over the long term. Thanks to our open architecture approach, EFG Wealth Planners have access to both internal and external solutions. The products and services offered depend on the domicile of the client and the legal entity of.

Our expertise

EFG Wealth Planners leverage their expertise to provide holistic advice on your wealth lifecycle, including:

Asset protection

Multi-jurisdictional solutions, used in compliance with the applicable local regulations, can mitigate the risk of external access to your private wealth. A concrete example of asset protection.

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Succession planning

Solutions to facilitate the transfer of wealth to the next generation in compliance with the relevant regulations (e.g. local forced heirship rules). A concrete example of succession planning.

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Wealth restructuring

Analysis of complex transactions, structures and risks when managing personal, family and philanthropic wealth.

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Multi-jurisdictional families

Nowadays families are often facing an international presence with many legal and fiscal points to be carefully handled for a proper planning and compliance with relevant rules.


Before moving your residence to a new country, many points need to be properly addressed and reviewed to avoid any issues as a consequence of a uncarefully planned relocation.

Marital planning

There are a variety of considerations to be made also to protect your beloved ones whenever there is an important change in your family structure: we help you navigate them.

Protection of the vulnerable

What will happen to your beloved ones in case they cannot count on you? We help you evaluate available options for your peace of mind.


Our tailor-made services

In addition to supporting you on the above topics with our expertise, for a selected number of jurisdictions, EFG Wealth Planners can provide you with a tailor-made set of wealth planning services to help you realize your objectives in the most complex areas involving also a multi-jurisdictional and open-architecture approach.  This may encompass a broad range of solutions on estate planning, inheritance and succession planning, wealth structuring, or relocation. With our tailor-made wealth planning services, we work following a one-stop-shop approach.

Our toolbox: a vast range of alternatives, in-house or in open architecture

In addressing the client’s wealth planning needs, often the best solution involves the use of some “high-precision” tools, to be handled with the greatest care, and by expert hands. EFG helps you in understanding these tools and navigating among the different external providers or can directly support you through our EFG Wealth Solutions’ in-house team.

For example, a conversation with our Wealth Planners about the available “tools” with you and your own advisors, may encompass (depending on the client’s jurisdiction) the use of trusts and private label funds (offered also by EFG Wealth Solutions), donation deeds, testamentary wills, succession agreements, life insurance solutions; about favorable regimes for HNWIs or Family Offices; pension schemes; family agreements and fiduciary mandates, just to mention a few.

In all the above cases, our Wealth Planners will be able to support you navigate among the available options on the market or offer our in-house solutions.

Our in-house solutions

EFG Wealth Solutions

A trust is a legal arrangement allowing a person (the settlor or grantor) to transfer assets to a third party (the trustee) in order for them to be administered for the benefit of those designated by the settlor (the beneficiaries) in accordance with the terms set out by the settlor/grantor in a written instruction. Trusts have existed in common law countries for centuries and have evolved into very efficient vehicles to achieve a variety of wealth management and succession planning goals.

At EFG Wealth Solutions, an experienced team of professionals is skilled at dealing with complex, cross-border matters while always striving to keep things simple for clients. They work in partnership with the client’s Wealth Planner and Client Relationship Officer to make sure solutions are goals-oriented and meet the client’s individual needs.

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EFG Fund Services

Private label funds are structured in many different forms but all enable a pool of investors to access high-value investments in a shared risk and cost vehicle. Private label funds offer a high degree of flexibility when it comes to holding assets but must be managed in line with a constantly evolving regulatory landscape at both jurisdictional and multi-jurisdictional levels.

This is a wholly owned subsidiary of EFG Wealth Solutions (Jersey) Limited that operates out of Jersey, Guernsey and Luxembourg, providing services to a variety of non-retail collective investment funds. It works with alternative investment managers to provide administration services to both open and closed-ended funds in the world’s leading financial centers.

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Our open-architecture solutions

The fiduciary mandate makes it possible for any Italian resident individual to hold assets with no need to file the tax return on any income or gains arising from such assets, nor to report such assets to the Italian tax authorities since EOS operates as a withholding tax agent.

Our open-architecture solutions 

A network of professional advisers and service providers work with EFG Wealth Planners to select and implement the right solutions for you, where we have no in-house solution, or in any case if you or your advisor wishes to do so. Over years, we have developed a vast network of external providers which can support you in finding the right solution for your individual needs.

Leveraging on this broad network and experience, our Wealth Planners may support you in discussions with third-party providers, for example, about:

  1. Life insurance solutions (depending upon jurisdiction);
  2. Legal and fiscal topics;
  3. Other tailor-made topics (only in selected jurisdictions): e.g. the set up of your Family Office; how to hold art or car collections; how to pass on your cultural legacy, etc.

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