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EFG International concludes share buyback programme

EFG International AG today announces the completion of the repurchase programme for its own registered shares as initially communicated on 31 May 2019.

30 giugno 2020

Results of today’s Annual General Meeting

At today’s Annual General Meeting, EFG International’s shareholders approved all proposals made by the Board of Directors, including the election of Peter A. Fanconi as new Chair of the Board of Directors, the management report, the financial statements and the consolidated financial statements for the financial year 2019.

29 aprile 2020

EFG International comments on business performance and announces changes to its Executive Committee

In the context of its Annual General Meeting, which is held today without any public attendance, EFG International provides an update on its business performance and announces that Martin Freiermuth has been appointed Chief Operating Officer and a member of the Executive Committee, effective mid-August 2020.

29 aprile 2020

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22 luglio 2020

Risultati semestrali 2020


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Data Documento Lingua
26 febbraio 2020 Risultati annuali 2019 en
24 luglio 2019 Risultati semestrali 2019 en
13 marzo 2019 Risultati annuali 2018 en

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26 febbraio 2020 EFG International - Risultati annuali 2019 en
24 luglio 2019 Presentazione dei risultati semestrali 2019 en
13 marzo 2019 Investor update 2019 en

Risultati annuali 2019 - Webcast

Webcast del meeting con gli analisti a Zurigo con le presentazioni di:

Giorgio Pradelli,
Chief Executive Officer

Dimitris Politis,
Chief Financial Officer

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Assemblea generale

Assemblea generale

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Rating e strumenti

Rating e strumenti

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Copertura degli analisti

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