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Southbank Sinfonia pass the baton to future generations


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Southbank Sinfonia pass the baton to future generations

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It’s a little-known fact that in the UK over lockdown, over a million people took up a musical instrument, sales soared by 80% and demand for sheet music rose by 25%.
Many of those budding musicians were children and so to capitalise on this wave of national enthusiasm, the young players of Southbank Sinfonia held a unique musical workshop at their new home in St John’s Smith Square, London. Participating children got the chance to ‘visit the musical zoo’ and experience the different families of instruments, such as strings, woodwind and percussion.

Southbank Sinfonia’s aim was to fuel the children’s imagination and encourage them to pick up an instrument. At the workshop, Fiona Gibbs, Artist Development Manager, Southbank Sinfonia said: “there are so many good things about learning music; you gain listening and social skills, discipline from regular practice, as well as becoming part of a musical community”. 

The young musicians from Southbank Sinfonia also benefit as it hones their teaching skills and gives them the opportunity to interact with different groups in society. The vibrant atmosphere they create inspires children and adults alike and they hope it will spark a lifelong love of music.

Southbank Sinfonia’s fellowship programme gives young musicians from all over the world the chance to gain valuable orchestral experience and become important role models in the community. This long-standing partnership allows us to support the next generation of talent, an important theme that underpins many of our sponsorships at EFG.

To see more of the children’s reaction from the day, watch this short video here.

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