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A welcome to the EFG London Jazz Festival 2021


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A welcome to the EFG London Jazz Festival 2021

The EFG London Jazz Festival is one of EFG’s longest standing partnerships and a landmark event in the global jazz calendar. To mark the opening of the Festival on Friday, 12 November 2021, Richard AA Thomas MBE, CEO, UK Region, shares his thoughts and hopes for this year’s event.

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Last year’s innovative online festival captivated music lovers both in the UK and reached new audiences around the world. However, as we have discovered over the last 18 months, technology is no substitute for human interaction and at its heart, the EFG London Jazz Festival is about live music and its unique ability to unite and inspire us. For that very reason, we are genuinely delighted to see the Festival return for 2021 with a collection of the highest quality live and digital performances and an exciting line up of global and UK based artists, special collaborations, and fresh new commissions. 
In a musical programme that we challenge ourselves to continually evolve, one constant highlight is the EFG Elements Series, a collection of four shows we hand-pick together with our Festival organisers Serious, that exemplify the richness and diversity of the Festival’s musical line-up.  

This year, more than ever, we want to celebrate the energy and life that are inherent to jazz and live music in general.  We are also keen to ensure that the chosen performers echo our own values, so the EFG ElementsSeries features artists with a strong focus on collaboration and who also support a cornerstone of all EFG’s global partnerships, the passion to help discover and develop the next generation of talent. 

Our commitment to the EFG London Jazz Festival goes back well over a decade and as such, we feel very much part of what is now a flagship event in the global jazz calendar. This year, the Festival is as much about London as it is about music and, as iconic concert halls and clubs across the city come back to life, we hope you can join us in celebrating the power jazz holds to entertain and connect us, wherever we are in the world.

Watch the interview with Richard:

For more information on the EFG London Jazz Festival line-up for 2021, visit the website.