EFG corporate advertising campaign

EFG International is launching the continuation of its advertising campaign in October 2018. Jung von Matt/Limmat has developed new advertisements, which capture EFG’s brand promise in a modern and contemporary way.

EFG’s 2018 campaign

The 2018 campaign places particular emphasis on client relationships, which are at the core of EFG’s approach to private banking and characterised by the bank’s entrepreneurial spirit. This spirit gives EFG’s client relationships the necessary momentum so that the bank can find the right solutions for its clients in a swift and straightforward manner. In other words: Entrepreneurial thinking. Private banking.

EFG’s campaign relies on reduced illustrations in combination with short and catchy headlines for a discerning clientele. In an exclusive collaboration with Philipp Dornbierer, one of Switzerland's greatest graphic talents, the illustrations are based on the traditional Swiss graphic style, interpreted in a new and contemporary fashion. This distinguished style immediately catches the eye and directly conveys EFG’s core messages.

As one of the largest Swiss private banks with a global presence, EFG will feature its new advertising campaign internationally with a particular focus on the bank’s key markets, including Singapore, Hong Kong and Great Britain. In Switzerland, EFG’s home market, the campaign will be prominently rolled out across both online and print channels. The campaign will also span across a number of renowned international publications such as the Financial Times, The Wall Street Journal and The Economist.

About the artist

Philipp Dornbierer (1989) is one of the most acclaimed and promising contemporary Swiss graphic design artists. His list of clients includes global corporations like Google, Adidas, Allianz, EasyJet and the New York Times.

Quote by the artist:
“The collaboration with EFG makes it possible to bring a certain calm and consciousness into the clouded world of advertising. It’s exciting when a client shows courage, and wants to attract attention with reduced, but more sophisticated visuals.”

The work of Philipp Dornbierer

Philipp Dornbierer’s illustrations interpret the Swiss graphic design tradition in a new and contemporary fashion. His delicate and minimal images maintain the focus on the purity of the thought, without having to rely on sensationalism.